Mountain View Cracks Down on RVs and Trailers on Crisanto Avenue

For a long time the City of Mountain View has been threatening to remove motorhomes and RVs that are being lived in along some of the out-of-the-way streets. Many people and families who live and work in the Silicon Valley cannot afford housing. Single room efficiencies have been seen going for upwards of $2,000 a month.

On September 19th at 1 pm, the city sent out police and blocked off a section of Crisanto Avenue and escorted tow trucks in to tow away the homes. The Mountain View Voice reported:

A former nurse who lost her Morgan Hill home in 2008, Julie West said she has been living out of a trailer on Crisanto for the last two years. On Tuesday afternoon, she received a phone call while at her job that her home was being hauled away, and she raced back to find it gone. Many of her belongings were thrown along the street. It costs around $500 to get a towed vehicle back and many of the owners will be totally homeless as they cannot afford the additional money.

Mountain View has a law that states vehicles have to be moved every 72 hours, but they have not enforced this in years for some of the roads that the public rarely notices. Granted, some of the motorhomes have been leaking waste onto the roads and that creates a health concern. There has also been some trash accumulating on Crisanto Avenue.

Maybe the City of Mountain View should help these unfortunate residents. Maybe a pumping service could come along once every month or so to empty toilets for a nominal fee. Providing a few waste containers along the road could help alleviate the trash problem.

There have been reports of prostitution and drug dealing along this road. Maybe the city should concentrate on arresting those criminals instead of making it even harder for people to line in the area where they work.

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Fred Hoot

Fred is a Deacon of Benevolence at a church in the Silicon Valley and has been working with the unhoused for many years. He also preaches and is a professional trumpet player.

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