360 More Homeless Shelter Beds for 5 Winters Approved by Santa Clara County


For the next five winters there should be 360 less homeless people on the streets. On Tuesday, September 13, the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors approved an $8.3 million package for emergency shelter space for the next five years.

The Gilroy Armory program will provide beds for 130 homeless people and the Sunnyvale North County Winter Shelter will house 125 people. $5.8 will keep these two facilities operational during the winters for five years. The Gilroy Arturo Migrant Center will provide beds and services for around 35 families, averaging three members per family.

The Board of Supervisors also approved $3 million to be used to make a Sunnyvale warehouse a habitable place for a homeless shelter. No word was available on how many people would be able to use this facility each night when the improvements are completed.

The Bay City News Service quoted board Supervisor Joe Simitian in the Mountain View Voice:

“People need a place to go when the weather is cold and wet. It’s as simple as that. Having this shelter in place for the foreseeable future will help us get people off the streets, and into shelter during the winter months.”

We definitely need more homeless shelters in the Silicon Valley.

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Fred Hoot

Fred is a Deacon of Benevolence at a church in the Silicon Valley and has been working with the unhoused for many years. He also preaches and is a professional trumpet player.

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