Pick Up a Lifeline Smartphone (Obamaphone)

I was driving to the General Assistance building in San Jose and someone pointed out to me a group of tables on the sidewalk. There were three separate representatives from several companies (like Assurance Wireless) that can immediately provide you with a Lifeline Smartphone.

They are using wireless tablets to enter your information, get you approved for an Android smartphone and you walk away with a working phone for free.

Anthony and Russ at the Budget Mobile table were king enough to take time and tell me about their company and even pose for a picture for me along with Tuyen and Jeanette. Budget Mobile uses Verizon as their carrier.


Here is Adriana from SafeLink that uses AT&T as their carrier.


This Assurance Wireless table uses Sprint as their carrier. This table does not require a picture ID.


Driving home, I spotted a few more. This one is at Senter and Wool Creek Road.


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Fred Hoot

Fred is a Deacon of Benevolence at a church in the Silicon Valley and has been working with the unhoused for many years. He also preaches and is a professional trumpet player.

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