World War Two Veteran Does Not Have Anywhere to Go from Home of 19 years

A WWII veteran who wishes to remain anonymous in the news is being forced out of his home of 19 years. He has been renting the same apartment in Menlo Park since he was 73. Now the 92-year-old veteran is being forced out by the end of June. Back in November of 2015 he signed an agreement that he would move. With 3-1/2 months left, he still has not found a place to go to, but wherever it is, it will not be San Mateo. The rents have risen above his ability to pay.

On March 15 he appeared before the Menlo Park City Council. The Almanac reported some of his talk before the council:

“I’m here today, unfortunately, because I’m really sad and somewhat angry as well. And why? Because I and hundreds of others valley residents are being essentially uprooted and evicted. … We know Menlo Park is a super affluent community, but does that make it OK to dump all renters unless they can pay up?”

His present location is ideal because he receives ongoing treatment from the VA Hospital for an eye problem. If he moves out to an area where he cannot get to the VA Hospital, he might lose his sight.

It looks like the Menlo Park City Council is not doing much to solve the problem.  Of the 748 units being constructed for occupancy this year, only 40 are being reserved for low and very-low income residents. They did unanimously to make an annual housing report as part of their plan.

When are the cities going to stop talking about the housing situation and start doing something? Will the cities even remember our veterans?

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Fred Hoot

Fred is a Deacon of Benevolence at a church in the Silicon Valley and has been working with the unhoused for many years. He also preaches and is a professional trumpet player.

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